Stone Tavern Schooling Horse Trial Series & Combined Test (OCT 2022) - Entries
RiderHorseDivisionStatusBalance DueDeposit BalMissing
Altringer, ErinNorth Star’s Masquerade (Star)BN-RAccepted
Bash, AlexaSlanted TruthPS-OAccepted
Berry, DianeGoode HopeN-SRAccepted
Bierly, DavidDance For JoeN-OAccepted - Incomplete115.00
Bierman, ElizabethE B WinstonN-OAccepted - Incomplete5.00
Billings, AllieAll Things Nice -“Lucy”N-RAccepted
Bird, EileenMr BPS-SRAccepted - Incomplete5.00
Blom, AnnaVivaldiN-CTAccepted
Bracken, KyleighRedmoonrisingPS-OAccepted
Brown, RebeccaA.C. Blue-KLN-OAccepted
Brown, RebeccaGlobal ChanelN-OAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Bucko, MartinEmersonBN-SRAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Byrne, MalareeHappy HourBN-OAccepted - Incomplete115.00Coggins: Pending Review
Cincilla, AubreyAlready in loveN-JRAccepted
Clucas, PattyConnieBN-OAccepted - Incomplete115.00
Clune, KatieQadarPS-OAccepted
Costello, CaitlynKrsto SkyeBN-SRAccepted
Couturier, ElizabethAlways FreeBN-OAccepted
Davies, MaddieAnother ViceST-RAccepted - Incomplete5.00
DeBonte, DonnaThreat level MidnightBN-SRAccepted - Incomplete5.00Coggins: Missing
Demchur, JolieWhy Wouldn’t WeBN-OAccepted
Destiny, CohanThe Five PointsST-RAccepted - Incomplete
Dixon, KachineParkerST-RAccepted
Duffey, JamesOne Eyed CharliePS-RAccepted
Duggan, WhitneyBrief EncounterST-RAccepted
Freeman, HannahCoyoteBN-SRPending
Freeman, HannahDowntown Doc BrownN-SRAccepted
Froberg-Fejko, KarenGrey AddictionST-OAccepted
Fryer, KellyIn Fair VeronaST-SRAccepted
Fuhano, ClaraMadakat SunsetST-JRAccepted - Incomplete5.00
Fynn, HeleneManhattenPS-JRAccepted - Incomplete5.00
Gachko, EmilyannMaybe It's MaybellinePS-SRAccepted - Incomplete105.00Coggins: Missing
Stabling: Missing
Gaffney, AddisonTrulee YoursBN-RAccepted
Giller, JuliaLife Is GoodST-JRAccepted5.00
Graham, CateBD CleopatraPS-CTAccepted - Incomplete5.00
Grow, JuliaBolita BoyzBN-OAccepted
Grow, JuliaTír na NógPS-OAccepted
Horgan, MichelleCourage To BeBN-OAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Hullings, Rylea VictoriaBiondaBN-JRAccepted - Incomplete115.00
Jain, UmaMediterranean MoodPS-JRAccepted - Incomplete105.00
Jennings, ReagnanIrish HooliganST-JRAccepted - Incomplete5.00Coggins: Missing
Jodexnis, EmilyEl Tabernero OneBN-RAccepted - Incomplete115.00Coggins: Missing
Jodexnis, EmilyLucky at nightBN-RAccepted - Incomplete115.00Coggins: Missing
Entry: Pending Review
Stabling: Pending Review
Karl, TrianaHold My HaloST-JRAccepted - Incomplete5.00
Kilgo-Kelly, BrianCaspianBN-OAccepted
Killeen, JennaBig Time OperatorBN-OAccepted
Lichtenstein, ArianaKilltown WilliamBN-RAccepted - Incomplete115.00Coggins: Pending Review
Stabling: Pending Review
Ligorano, DebraApple LucyPS-RAccepted
Martinez, AndreaNot in Kansas AnymoreST-SRAccepted
Maude, AbbyDuck Duck SparrowBN-SRAccepted
Mazza, StefanieCoirban Lady FerroBN-OAccepted - Incomplete10.00
McCarty, KendraBallyrimmon CopperBN-RAccepted
Merritt, MaddieJoey's Little AngelBN-RAccepted
Milovsky, ShoshanaCoaxST-OAccepted - Incomplete5.00
Mucha, AshleyRuby on RailsST-SRAccepted
Mueller, WhitleySouereign CitizenST-JRAccepted - Incomplete5.00
Murphy, KatieCeltic LegacyST-SRAccepted - Incomplete5.00
Nebel, JenniferTally Ho My KadinBN-RAccepted
Nitzenberger, KerriStormin NormanN-OAccepted - Incomplete
Nitzenberger, KerriIwo JimaN-OAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Pfeiffer, MeganLunairePS-OAccepted - Incomplete
Pringle, ReillyGeronimo's SpiritBN-JRAccepted - Incomplete5.00
Puzio, DanielleWatch The TieST-OAcceptedEntry: Pending Review
Stabling: Pending Review
Racey, JasonKarma's the BestN-OAccepted
Racey, JasonTokio VD WunhoeveN-OAccepted
Rafinski, MinaRedfield MikkeST-OAccepted
Reese, TriciaBeach PrincessST-RAccepted
Romans, AneesaKasarahBN-SRAccepted - Incomplete5.00
Rossi, SamanthaTitoPS-JRAccepted - Incomplete5.00
Schmidt, JenniferWest Shore DriveBN-RAccepted - Incomplete115.00Coggins: Missing
Sickles, MikaylaDuncan's JourneyBN-JRAccepted - Incomplete115.00
Silkensen, JenniferGreat BearBN-RPendingCoggins: Pending Review
Entry: Pending Review
Stabling: Pending Review
Silkensen, MiaWIley CoyotePS-JRAccepted - Incomplete
Sinopoli, MelissaLegacy of HonorST-RAccepted - Incomplete
Sipple, AllisonMatildaPS-SRAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Sobolewski, PaulinaNo Strings AttachedBN-OAccepted
Surdam, EmilySouthern BeachBN-JRAccepted - Incomplete5.00
Swan, SarahAspire RPHST-SRAccepted - Incomplete105.00
Swartz, HaydenAmazing GraceST-RAccepted
Thompson, ReillyZeusST-SRAccepted - Incomplete5.00
Weick, ElizabethKirk’s GirlBN-OAccepted
Weston, Patricia ACalichitoST-RAccepted - Incomplete5.00
Winants, RemyAll GoN-OAccepted - Incomplete5.00
Wolek, EmilyOrendaBN-OAccepted - Incomplete
Yoder, LivvyWissie’s PromiseST-OAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Yoder, LivvyPlay It ForwardN-OAccepted - Incomplete115.00Coggins: Missing
Zeitlin, RachelJust One More / "Travis"BN-SRAccepted - Incomplete

Division Entries
BN-JRBeginner Novice - Junior4
BN-OBeginner Novice - Open12
BN-RBeginner Novice - Rider10
BN-SRBeginner Novice - Senior7
N-CTNovice - Combined Test 1
N-JRNovice - Junior1
N-ONovice - Open10
N-RNovice - Rider1
N-SRNovice - Senior 2
PS-CTPre-Starter - Combined Test1
PS-JRPre-Starter - Junior4
PS-OPre-Starter - Open5
PS-RPre-Starter - Rider2
PS-SRPre-Starter - Senior3
ST-JRStarter - Junior5
ST-OStarter - Open5
ST-RStarter - Rider8
ST-SRStarter - Senior